Enriching Alternative Medicine with Essential Oils: January 19th Pensacola, FL

By ISFTA (other events)

Saturday, January 19 2019 10:00 AM 6:00 PM

Registration Options:

  • Course: $249
  • Course with Exam: $348
  • Course with Family Essentials Kit: $249 ($150 plus tax & shipping for kit + $99 for course) 60% Discount on course - BONUS receive $50 in FREE essential oils, Offer Expires 11/30/18
  • Course with Home Essentials Kit: $275 (plus tax & shipping) FREE Course and Exam - BONUS receive $50 in FREE essential oils, Offer Expires 11/30/18

LMT-12, OT/COTA-12, AP-8, RD/ND/NC-12, NH/AIT-12, DN/DH-12, RN-12, ARNP-12, LPN-12, CNS-12, CNA-12, ISFTA-12, NASM-0.6, AFAA-6

The ISFTA Enriching Alternative Medicine with Essential Oils course is designed to provide an introduction on the science of essential oils and how to incorporate the use of EO’s for their medicinal benefit. The uses of essential oils are vast and represent a well-documented model for improving overall health. Widespread acceptance of essential oils has led many to choose this more natural approach to health maintenance. This course focuses heavily on the case for complimentary and integrative medicine.

Where modern medicine fails, alternative, or more appropriately said, integrative medicine excels. Complementary medicine relies on gifts provided by Mother Nature as remedies and employs these remedies to support the body’s remarkable innate ability to heal. The perception that no evidence exists regarding the safety and efficacy of natural remedies is misguided and utterly false. The truth is there are tens of thousands of studies supporting numerous natural remedies as valuable solutions for just as many health conditions and diseases. One need only search PubMed, the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s database to find this evidence.

The future of essential oil therapy is the evidence-based model and therefore the model utilized for this course. The evidence based model combines ancient traditions, established protocols, consensus of user testimonials, and scientific evidence to determine therapeutic and safe uses and protocols for countless health conditions.

As a bonus, upon completion of the course, attendees will have the option to sit for the ISFTA Essential Oil Coach Exam for only $99.00. Those who decide to utilize this option and pass the exam will receive a certificate identifying them as an ISFTA Essential Oil Coach.

This one of kind course is taught by our essential oil expert and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with over 20 years of experience. Make sure to secure your spot for an in-depth training that is perfect for ANYONE from the beginner to the avid essential oil user.

This course has NO pre-requisites and is OPEN to ANYONE interested in learning more about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Florida CE Approvals:

  • LMT – 12 CE Credits
  • OT/COTA – 12 CE Credits
  • AP – 8 CE Credits
  • RD/ND/NC – 12 CE Credits
  • NH/AIT – 12 CE Credits
  • DN/DH – 12 CE Credits
  • RN – 12 CE Credits
  • ARNP – 12 CE Credits
  • LPN – 12 CE Credits
  • CNS – 12 CE Credits
  • CNA – 12 CE Credits
  • ISFTA – 12 Credits
  • NASM – 0.6 Credits
  • AFAA – 6 Credits

Florida Board Approvals:

  • Florida Board of Massage Therapy Course # 20-512589 – Relevant to and focus on massage therapy techniques.
  • Florida Board of Occupational Therapy Course # 20-512589
  • Florida Board of Acupuncture Course # 20-512589
  • Florida Board of Dentistry Course # 20-512589
  • Florida Council of Dietetics and Nutrition # 20-512589
  • Florida Board of Nursing Home Administrators Course # 20-512589
  • Florida Board of Nursing Course # 20-512589

National Course Approvals:

  • NCBTMB Approved: AP# 451827-11
  • NASM Approved: AP# 4,008
  • AFAA Approved: AP# 11,737
  • SCW Approved
  • YACEP Approved

1. This event is NOT for currently enrolled dōTERRA wholesale members or Wellness Advocates. Please refrain from registering if you are already a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate or wholesale member.

2. Any kind of marketing, solicitation and/or product sales to attendees by other attendees in any manner during the duration of the course, including any and all breaks, is strictly prohibited and may result in dismissal.

3. Any unauthorized reproduction, recording, photography, screen sharing, or replication of material provided in this course, including but not limited to all visual, verbal and written information is strictly prohibited. Violation of any and/or all the above will result in expulsion.

Mailing Address

2710 Del Prado Blvd. South, Unit 2-314 Cape Coral, FL 33904